Our Company

Glowhire For Professional Video and Photography Equipment.

Glow Film & Photo Hire is a premium Gear Rental Compony supplying to both the Photographic and Motion Industry in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As one of the eminent rental companies we stock an excellent collection, for both the Video and Photographic market.

Glow finds itself at the intersection of the ever so combining arts of Photography and Motion.

“I firmly believe a rental company has a responsibility to help develop and grow the industry.

We work hard to provide the best solutions, and the latest gear with the best service and advice. Its a partnership, and together we both grow.

Assembling  a new team of industry experts, we are focused on growth and improving our service. Its all very exciting as we push to find new and innovative ways to change the conventional way of how business is done, while focusing on providing value and convenience to all our clients.

In the future Glow plans to  focus on connecting the community of photographic and film makers in order to encourage collaboration and a focus on producing local content.

I see us having an amazing opportunity to make a change by connecting the right people.

We are very excited about the future and our journey we have embarked on with our clients.” Alexis Fotiadis – Director


Our one-stop shop provides everything you’ll need from Cinema Cameras to Lighting.


The widest range of DSLR cameras, lenses and equipment for all the major brands.


Professional photography requires a professional studio for picture perfect results.

Our Story

Our service excellence stems from our trained assistants who have hands-on experience and knowledge. Our photo studio is your one-stop-shop, from equipment and studio hire to advice on tricky technical issues. We assure you a distinctive experience as one of the distinguished photo studios in Johannesburg.

  • Passion 100%
  • Video Equipment 90%
  • Photographic Equipment 90%
  • Studio 85%
  • Customer Happiness 99%

The photography industry is our passion. We empower photographers with a broad range of tools to help them bring their visions to life. As one of the premium photography studios in Johannesburg, we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you require a different or a new piece of equipment, we will provide it. If you need equipment serviced or cleaned, we will arrange it. If you need advice, tips or insight, give us a call because we are your all-inclusive photography studio in Johannesburg.



Alexis started glow over 8 years ago and is truly passionate about all things creative in both stills and video. He has extensive knowledge on all products and creative output and is always happy to chat to each and every client that walks through our doors.


Chief Operations Officer

Has been in the film industry for the past 20 years- 12 of those years been in the rental department doing film/video and photographic rentals. Dealing with clients bookings and queries efficiently.


Marketing & RnD

James has been in the photographic Industry for 15 years and has extensive knowledge on all camera and lighting items for Photography. On top of Marketing development, He also assists Alexis on all new projects


Photographic & Video Assistant

Mlu has been in the industry for 2 years specializing in grips as well as camera & is now part of the photographic division as well as a driver.


Camera Assistant

Ayanda has been part of glow since March and is a valuable assistant in the camera department prepping & checking gear.


Photo Assistant & lighting assistant.

Steven takes care of all our studios & its refreshments & also assists in both departments as a photographic & video assistant. Steven has been a part of the glow team for the past 2 years.


General Manager

Jason has worked in the film industry for 5 years, starting at Nates Audio Visual in 2010 as a Stock assets manager and Camera department. He then moved in to a rental representative position, and was promoted to a Operations Manager. Recently he joined Glow Hire as a rental representative, and now holds down the fort as General manager.


Chief Technical Officer

Eugene runs the camera division & oversees the management of the floor (workshop). He specializes in multicam set ups & is an experienced D.I. Technician


Accounts Administrator

Shilo is your accounts lady, so be nice to her. She handles all payments, invoicing and queries for Glow


H.O.D Photographic Tech

Gerald’s been part of Glow for the past 5 years. Gerald has extensive knowledge & technical background on photographic equipment.


Lighting H.O.D

Danny17 years in the H.O.D lighting & grips. Currently the H.O.D in lighting. Checks the gear out & back in again. Danny overseas & maintains the quality of our lighting department.


Lighting Tech & Generator operator

Ben has been in the film industry since 1971, he is well experienced in the lighting department. He has also proven to be an outstanding generator operator.


Faith is the lovely lady who keeps our offices neat & tidy & assists in the cleaning up of studios & serves client delicious refreshments.