Scrim, Bounce & Flag

Your images rely on light that brightens its subjects. As a photographer you are in control of the way you shape your light. Our light shaping tools provide precise and distinctive lighting control and enhance your subjects. They also block unwanted light, alter the light direction and provide the appropriate coverage.  Each piece of equipment delivers a distinct effect. We have light shaping tool rental for all types of projects, from beauty and portrait photography to architectural and environmental photography.

Our photographic equipment is reliable and easy to use. Hiring photographic equipment from us is also simple. Added benefits include convenience, having access to the latest equipment and saving money. You also have a larger range of equipment to choose from and it provides you with the opportunity to try out the equipment before buying it. When used correctly the light shaping tools provide you with the perfect amount and type of light. They shape, soften, fold or bend the light.

  • Photographic Reflectors – Take full control over the amount of light spill you require.
  • Photographic Light Modifiers – They provide ideal directional and focussed light.
  • Diffusers – Soften and shape the light, allowing you to capture the perfect photograph.

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